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For I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is none like Me,
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Overcoming Grief and Blame
“For a long time I blamed myself for the death of my twin sister.  That agony has been unbearable for decades, but the Lord spoke truths to me, and now I have total peace and calm, even as I think of her horrible death.”  (the full story)

Finding Direction in Life
During a business meeting one member had a strong prompting that we should give money to a particular cause.  Did that mean we should do it?  Within 5 minutes we all knew that we should do something different!  (the full story)

Being Healed When Options Seemed to Run Out
One man suffered terribly for many months because of internal bleeding.  When the doctors could not find the source the man turned to God in a unique way.  Immediately God sent a solution!   (the full story)

Seeking Ways to Bless Others
Helping others produces joy.  But obeying the Lord and being led by Him to help others produces an indescribable joy   (the full story)
Being Rescued from the 2004 Tsunami
Most people know about the Great Tsunami in December 2004 that devastated South Asia, killing about a quarter of a million people.  Most people don’t know about a group of Muslims who cried out to Jesus, and the Lord stopped the tidal wave 1 meter from the building.  (more of the story)

Finding God, No Matter How Far Away
People often say they are too far away from God to find Him.  Not true!  One man in a very remote area of Central Asia had a strong desire to know the Lord and God responded by redirecting missionaries.  (the full story)

A Variety of Testimonies
This page is in the process of  providing testimonies from real people who have become Christians. They come from a variety of religious, academic and socio-cultural backgrounds.  (the stories)
This page is still under construction
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