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Victory over Bipolar Disorder and Anger
For many years I have tried unsuccessfully to conquer anger. Anger was definitely a problem for me. Peace and serenity were feelings that other people were able to enjoy but not myself. Instead I had turmoil, chaos - pretty much on a daily basis. It was not uncommon for me to grab an ashtray and throw it at my husband. It's been said that the only difference between a contentious woman and a pit bull is lipstick, and I was that woman up until recently. I tried several things on my own to deal with this problem. Education was one way I tried to address this. Self-help books were another way, but neither universities, nor self-help books had the answers. Education only further clarified what I already knew - that I had a problem with anger.
I tried the medical community for assistance. Basically, they gave me psychiatric medication. And they pretty much slowed my anger response, but it didn't deal with it totally. I blamed other people. I justified my actions. Actually, I thought it was normal behavior at one time, because I come from a family of people that are all very angry.
The consequences in not applying God's principles to solve my anger resulted in years of pain, misery and broken relationship. The anger just got worse.
Psalm 61:9 states, "Save me, of O God, the waters have come up to my neck" (NKJV). This was about where I was at with my anger. At this time my husband and I had received an invitation to participate in a 13-week group dealing with past hurts. And true to form, I took the attitude that I really didn't need it, I already knew all the stuff that they had to share. It probably wouldn't help, but I thought I would go just to see what would happen.
What took place in the presence of six other adults has changed my life. I learned God's solution and how to apply it to my life. Well, the results are I am no longer that contentious woman that I was a few weeks ago. The serenity and peace are a reality for me now.
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[Her psychiatrist diagnosed her as “manic depressive,” said she was incurable, and continued to tell her after her recovery that the change was impossible.  Her husband stated in years following that she had no more outbursts of anger!]
... sin shall not have mastery over you.