Randy Langham
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Your Beliefs Determine Behavior

Replace wrong beliefs with truths and your lifestyle changes as well

Your Behavior from Beliefs

How to Pray for Government?

God says to pray for government leaders. How should we do that?

Prayer for Government

Victory over Habits

Applying these five principles from Philippians 4 can break addictions

Overcoming Temptations

Satan’s Desire for You

Death is not Satan’s ultimate objective for you. It is something worse.

Satan's Desire

What’s in Your Refrigerator?

Most emotional pains come from junk that rots from within


Who am I?

What is your purpose in life?

Why do you exist? Who are you?

Who am I?

How do You View Government?

Some government leaders make wrong decisions? How should we respond?

Response to Government

How to be Grateful

Thanksgiving should not be routine,

so increase your gratefulness

Giving Thanks

The Lure of Temptations

How are we drawn to temptations?

Who is responsible for giving in?

Lure of Temptations

Your Purpose in Life

Why do bad things happen?

Why do you exist on planet earth?

Your Purpose in Life

Your Depravity

Can you be good enough to go to heaven in your own power? The spotlight is on you.

Your Depravity

God Initiates Finding You

God could spend His time anywhere in the universe, but He chooses to love you.

God Initiates a Relationship

Why does a loving God allow evil to exist for good people?

God Allowing Evil 1