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Crazy how quickly your emotions change. You lose your job and you shiver with fear. The next day you get another job making twice the pay and now you are ecstatic. You even tell others that losing your former job was one of the greatest things to take place. [No this did not happen to me.]

Or maybe you have severe pains in your body and you fear the worst. But when the doctor tells you what the problem is and it is easy to resolve all your anxiety leaves. [Yes I have been here many times.]

Do you know what a placebo is? It is some type of harmless medicine that produces no physical benefit to the patient. Its only intention is to get the patient to believe it works. Thus this becomes  a possible cure for psychosomatic pains.

Do you know what a lie is? It is some form of harmless belief that produces no emotional or physical harm to a person - until it is believed.

What you believe about yourself affects your behavior and your outlook on life. Yes, you.

So what do you believe about yourself? Do you feel worthless? Do you believe you are fat and ugly? Do you feel unloved? Do you feel dirty? Do you feel used? Do you believe nothing good will ever take place in your life? Do you believe your life situation is hopeless? Do you believe your life has been a waste? Do you have severe loneliness, because you believe you are all alone?

Let’s consider just one aspect - your sense of worth. I have a pair of sneakers with only one hole in the mesh material on the top. That’s not too bad considering the shoes are only about 10 years old. What if I were to take them to a local department store and try to sell them. Say I put a tag on them with $49.99. But after a few weeks (and months) nobody buys them. Well you know how to sell something - lower the price. So I slash through the price and write below it $19.99. Still no one buys them, and I continue to slash the price. Finally after the 12th markdown, they sell - at the price of 50 cents.  Hmm. Not good.

Now that the shoes are gone and the coat hanger is empty, let’s put you on the hanger. Hey, hey. Let’s put a sticker price on you. What do you think the sticker price should be? What if the store manager puts $25,000? Let’s say someone who hates you sneaks into the store and replaces the price tag to say $10. Ok, let’s not leave you hanging.

Let’s take you off the hanger and place the Lord Jesus Christ on the hanger. What should be the price tag for Him? A million dollars? A trillion dollars? Some of you are probably thinking, “Wait a minute. He’s God! He is of infinite value! All the money in the world could not buy Him, because His worth is far greater!” Agreed.

Let’s go back to the pair of shoes, you know, the ones originally marked at $49.99. What is the actual value of the shoes? Answer? What someone is willing to pay for the shoes. When the buyer bought them for 50 cents he declared its value.

Now let’s go back to you still hanging on the hanger. What is your actual worth? Answer? What someone is willing to pay for you. The God of the entire universe paid for you at the expense of His own Son - a being whom you said a moment ago is worth infinite value. Yes you are reading this correctly. The God of this universe paid the ultimate price for you, because in His eyes you are worth that price.

You are His creation. Of course you are valuable in his sight.

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!

How vast is the sum of them!

If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.

When I awake, I am still with You.

Psalms 139:17-18

[The final illustration is a variation of one originated from a former president  of Moody Bible Institute.]

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September  22, 2018

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