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Blame from the Death of a Twin Sister

I lost a twin sister when I was 9 years old, and I witnessed the horrible event.
We were to be cleaning upstairs.  Well I was cleaning my mom’s room and something told me to see what my sister was up to.  She was in my brother’s room behind a mattress against the wall.  Here she was playing with matches and had one lit.  She must have felt it on her finger and flung it and it caught the mattress on fire.
She ran into our room and hid under the bed, and I couldn’t get her out.  So I went downstairs and told my older sister what happened and she couldn’t get up there to her either.  We went outside, and I could see her in the window.  She couldn’t reach the lock.
I saw her when they brought her through the window.  She was wrapped in a blanket.  For a long time I blamed myself for what happened to her.
Recently the church prayed in a particular way for me that I would hear the truth from the Lord about this event.  During the prayer time, God spoke to me in two different ways.  He let me know that He was the one who told me to go see what she was up to.  Regarding my sister’s death, God told me “It was her time.”  From that point on, I have had total peace and calm, and I know I will see my sister again in heaven with Jesus and all of my loved ones.

Used with permission