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This poor man cried and the LORD heard him,
and saved him out of all his troubles.
God responds to the Cries of His children

One man in the church suffered many months with internal bleeding.  Consequently, about every two weeks, he needed about three new units of blood requiring another all-day ordeal in the hospital.  Because of other health problems he could not have exploratory surgery, and the doctors knew of no other options.  They concluded he had to endure a lifestyle of weakness from a loss of blood and continue to return to the hospital for transfusions.
After months of this agony, this man cried out to the Lord with a greater intensity then ever before, saying something like “God, please send someone here to put an end to this problem.”
That day in the hospital, a man walked into the room, and sat down in the chair near his bed.  After the ailing man told his woes, the guest said, “We can correct that!”
Within the week the guest made arrangements for a different type of surgery.  At first the symptoms were better, but not good.  And in a couple more weeks, the internal bleeding had virtually stopped.
It was later discovered that the guest in the room was not to be in the hospital that day.  In a very unusual moment, the Lord directed the guest into the room where a man had just cried to God for help!
used with permission

Note:  Sicknesses exist in people for one of three reasons.  They may exist because a person has violated God’s ways (from stress, from bitterness, from unwise choices, etc.).  Or they may exist to give glory to God (either by  being healed or by the person’s glorious countenance in the presence of illnesses).  Or it is just the person’s time to leave earth.  The above story does not suggest all illnesses can be healed.  But it does show that if a person is sick  for the purpose of giving glory to the Lord, then God may intervene when a child of His cries out in the same way a child cries out to parents in desperation.