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Victories in a Bad Relationship
I thought only other people had severe problems.  Then I ended up in a relationship that was terribly abusive.  I was so confused.  I didn’t know what was right or wrong, up or down, left or right.  Life was a real nightmare, and to make matters worse, as I tried to open up to others to get help very little benefited me.  Seems like every time I got my head above water someone else would give his best advice and push my head back under.  
When I learned the principles in this class my life gained order and lots of peace.  Tragedies continued to come, but I was able to endure with confidence and victory.  A few “tricks of the trade” were almost hilarious as I would apply the principles and watch hurtful people just walk away.
God is big and is able to do exceeding abundantly above that we ask or think!

Used with permission
... sin shall not have mastery over you.