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Victory over Alcohol

One frantic mother tried desperately to end her son’s addiction to alcohol.  In time, the slothful son became so reckless and violent the mother moved out of the house and strongly considered one remaining option – selling the house and using the authorities to force him out.  Someone in the community recommended that a young man who pastored nearby could talk to the son.  Boy, was the minister shocked as he neared the house.  So much glass from broken bottles covered the driveway and front lawn that the minister left his car on the street and tip-toed through the shattered glass to reach the front door.  The alcoholic son refused to answer the door, and the minister went home.  Later the mother called the minister with hopes of success, but then heard the sad news.  As she made plans to follow through with selling the house, the pastor made one additional offer, “By the way, there is a very affective prayer in the Bible that has benefited many people.  Are you interested in it?”  The mother agreed, and three weeks later, she called the minister tearfully saying, “My son not only turned himself in to the addiction treatment center, but also asked me if he could go with me to church!”

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... sin shall not have mastery over you.