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Join us on Sundays
   9:45 am - Bible Studies
 11:00 am - Worship
  6:00 pm - Training
and join us throughout the
  week to be a part of God’s
  work in our world!
… by way of worship, …
… discipleship, …

Small Group Bible Studies

This is the best way to get connected, to build relationships, and to grow spiritually. We meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 am in the building. We have an additional Ladies’ class in the early afternoon on Thursdays.

Additional Opportunities

The Great Commission says we are to teach others every command that Jesus gave to us. But what are those commands? Find out on Sunday evenings at 6 pm starting Nov 5.

Serious learners can gain intensive training in courses compatible to those offered in Bible Colleges. Students are able to receive college or even seminary credit for courses offered. For more info click on the logo above

We also pray for and support

Ohio NorthEast
School of Theology
… fellowship …

We support and

pray for …

Butler, PA
Lynch, KY

We have done mission work in …


Other Ministries

We have enjoyed doing a variety of ministries including the interior painting of a large house for hurting women, serving in assisted-living, serving in the jail, personally delivering to every house in our zip code, making plastic mats for the homeless, and more.

    We support and pray

     for ministries like …


Clothes Closet

Free clothes are available to people in our community. The giveaway is the second Saturday of every month from 9 am to 12 noon.

Clothing is available for children, women, and men

What are the qualities to be on a team?

The word synergy means that the work accomplished from a group of people working together as a team is greater than the work produced when people in that same group work independently of each other. Join us as we look at the qualities that make for a real team player - especially in a church.

Past messages are available by clicking one of these logos.

3898 Tippecanoe Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44511
The Right Beliefs

Are you aware the your beliefs
determine your behavior?
And did you know the right beliefs
are based on the knowledge of God?

Sunday evenings, 6 pm
Basic Beliefs