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Easter is the day God completed His demonstration of love for you. He not only loved you enough to take the punishment you deserved, but also showed to us He can give a new life even before we go to heaven. This begins with

1. Knowing the Truth

If I say the sun is red, would I be wrong? If I say the food tastes bad would I be wrong? If a teenager shoots an automatic weapon at her high school and kills classmates would she be wrong? If a college student thinks he is a cow, would he be wrong?

Wrong exists only if truth exists. If nothing is true, then nothing is wrong. People can do whatever they want to do, because nothing is wrong. And nothing would be wrong, because nothing is right. There would be no standards.

Can two different truths be right? If one person measures the distance as 10.5 inches and another person measures the distance as 11.25 inches can they both be right? If XYZ Company needs material with certain specifications, say 10.5 inches, and you manufacture the product at 11.25 inches, would you be wrong?

There has to be a standard. There has to be only one truth.

The message topics for the next few weeks are

April 1 - Is the Resurrection Foolish?

April 22 - What is True?

April 29 - What is True about God?

May 6 - What is True about Human Beings?

May 13 - What is True about Life?

May 20 - What is True about Morals?

May 27 - Does God allow bad things to happen to kids or to good people?


One way to start a new beginning with life is knowing the truth. Another way is

2. Experiencing a caring Small Group

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if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature;
the old things passed away;
behold, new things have come.
Small Groups
Small Groups